Robert Brownjohn

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Name Styles Formats Designers
Robert Brownjohn Regular Desktop: OTF Lorraine Li
    Web: WOFF Jonathan Maghen
    App: TTF  

Robert Brownjohn is an open-source typeface based on the 1959 Grishman-Ryce Duo cover art designed by Robert Brownjohn. The typeface was created using the Font-Remix tool by Lorraine Li that proposes modes of configuring letterforms in browser using opentype.js. By performing boolean operations, new fonts are generated at runtime from the vector paths of two existing fonts. Robert Brownjohn is the second SIL Open Font License typeface released by Primary Foundry and has 112 glyphs. License includes 1 style: Regular, with Desktop (OTF), Web (WOFF), and App (TTF) font formats for Print, Web, App, and Broadcast use. Open Font License allows the font to be used, modified, and redistributed. Typeface designed by Lorraine Li and Jonathan Maghen. Download is available upon request and distributed via e-mail. OFL.

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