Lawson Antique

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Name Styles Formats Designers
Lawson Antique Regular Desktop: OTF Jonathan Maghen
    Web: WOFF  
    App: TTF  

Lawson Antique is an all-caps, display typeface inspired by the Lawson Milk Company, which was founded in 1939 by James Lawson in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and was defunct by 1985 (USA). In 1974, Consolidated Foods, which bought Lawson in 1959, signed an agreement to allow Daiei, Inc. to establish the Lawson (株式会社ローソン) convenient store franchise in Japan, which still operates today. Lawson Antique was created out of an interest in Post-World War II economic expansion, also known as the Golden Age of Capitalism, and its transformation of the environment. Lawson Antique has 96 glyphs with basic Latin characters, lining figures, punctuation, and symbols. License includes 1 style: Regular, with Desktop (OTF), Web (WOFF), and App (TTF) font formats for Print, Web, App, and Broadcast use. The Desktop (OTF) format is available to request/use free for self-initiated, non-profit, and cultural projects. Typeface designed by Jonathan Maghen. Licensed fonts distributed via e-mail. EULA.

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