Hidde Grotesk
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Hidde Grotesk Book Desktop: OTF Matteo Bettini
  Inktrap Web: WOFF  
  Semibold App: TTF  
  Inktrap Semibold    

Hidde is a neo-grotesk typeface with visible and pronounced ink traps, both on the upper and lowercase characters. Using these letterforms as a foundation, the related roman version has been designed for more standard usage. Ink traps, developed as gaps that are applied to the joints of letters in order to improve legibility on printed matter produced on high-speed presses, here become hidden features of a new dimension, beyond functionality, to embody meaning past the linguistic. Hidde is a typeface that hides ink from the letterforms to reveal another layer of interpretation. Hidde has 275 glyphs with extended Latin characters, lining figures, alternates, punctuation, and symbols. The extended version can be licensed directly from the designer, Matteo Bettini, and includes 4 styles: Book, Inktrap, Semibold, and Inktrap Semibold, with Desktop (OTF), Web (WOFF), and App (TTF) font formats for Print, Web, App, and Broadcast use. The Desktop (OTF) format, with a limited character set (128 glyphs), is available to request/use free for self-initiated, non-profit, and cultural projects. Typeface designed by Matteo Bettini. Licensed fonts distributed via e-mail. EULA.

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Hidde Book

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